General Project Management

We assign a project manager, field superintendent, engineer and other staff members as required to effectively manage the general construction process. We are with you every step of the way whether renovating a store, office, building, anything general.

General Coordination Process

During the construction of our general projects, the coordination of the trades is an integral part of the process, especially with respect to the plumbing and electrical trades.

We set up the coordination in a way that increase the jobs productivity and shortens the time frame. Get your general renovation project started by the best general contractor in the game today.

Addition Construction Steps

We will work with all project team members to define the logistical requirements for the general construction process, such as areas for deliveries, placement of barricades (if required) and hours of operation. We specialize in general renovations in the tri-state area and are experienced in remodels and renovations of any size and industry, give us a call today for a free quote.

Cost Reporting for general Projects

We are with you in terms of your budget and price every step of the way. Before work begins on your general project, we outline the cost structure, payments in a way that makes sense for you the customer. We have a detailed report on material, time / labor and write everything out in an itemized detailed report.

Final Inspections

After the general renovation project is complete, we will have a final walk through and discus any additional changes or repairs and come to an agreement in terms of pricing.

Reporting and Cost Control

During the general renovation construction process, we will provide up-to-date information with respect to changes that have occurred. You will receive an itemized report in detail.

Commissioning and General Project Closeout

One of the most critical stages of the construction process is the commissioning and closeout of the general renovation project. We have developed a system where after the final walk through, and everything is approved on, we close it out and the final payment is made after any change-orders or punch list items.

We are with you every step of the way to make your general renovation is as smooth as possible. We love referrals and to us our business is built upon the referral system and that is the greatest complement a general contractor can receive.